155 SOUTHSIDE AVE  Hastings on Hudson, NY
call: 914.478.1671    email: info@saintgeorgebistro.com
Get to know us a little better.
Saint George, what is it, and why the name?
Saint George is a New-French Bistro offering reworked classics, local seafood, fine meats, seasonal veggies, and French
wine. Our namesake is Chef’s beloved pet rabbit, George. George is one lucky rabbit. Not because he has a restaurant
named after him, but rather because he’s not a stew.

Sounds tasty. The description, not the rabbit! Whose place is this anyway?
The Owner-Operator is Jason Steinberg. Chris Vergara is the Executive Chef.

Chris Vergara… I know that name. He has another restaurant, right?
Correct! Saint George is his third venture in Westchester. The two others are Harper’s Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry and
Meritage in Scarsdale.

Three restaurants -- you must be pretty good at this. So what should I try at Saint George?
The raw bar, for some, is a reason to live, and the house charcuterie is a favorite. The duck-onion soup... or some bone
marrow! We do a classic and serious steak frites. Order some good wine with your meal, of course; there’s a large by
the glass list as well as a full cellar. And because you seem gutsy and intelligent, you’ll appreciate a pour from the
absinthe fountain! We’re getting carried away, though. You decide! Check out the menus.

Local, organic, farm to table, etc?
Whenever possible. Of course.

Ok, I’m interested. How do I get a table?
Give us a call at (914) 478-1671 to book a table. If the web is more your style, you can use our website or OpenTable.
Walk-ins are welcome as well, and you’re always invited to wait or eat at our bar.

Great. Do you take Amex?
Yes. All major credit cards.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, and they’re gorgeously packaged classics. None of this plastic card stuff.

Can I bring my own wine?
Sure. $25.00 corkage applies.

Is there a dress code?
Not Really. But we always suggest proper footwear when cracking open a lobster.

And if I need some privacy?
We have a private second floor dining room, it’s great for any special gathering. Give Jason at ring at (914) 478-1671 or

DINNER   Served Nightly from 5pm to 10pm / Friday and Saturday to 11 pm / Closed on Monday
                                        BRUNCH   Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm
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